Winter will be gone in a month or so and that’s great news for bikers. But motorcycle riders still need to face the forthcoming seasons including wind rain sun and given the current conditions maybe more snow. Riding on the road in rain compared with winter ice and snow is less cumbersome given the temperature should be better so less need for inner thermals. Extra clothing which includes inner thermal wears, jackets, gloves etc make a rider that little more comfortable in the cold but of course restricts movement that little bit in spring and summer. More important when a rider wants to take a hard turn on road or you are going on a long road trip. Comfort according to conditions is key.

And on the other hand, if you need to ride a motorbike in the rain you just need to put on specialist motorcycle waterproof clothing like over boots, over jackets and trousers etc. These waterproof over clothing are much lighter and easy to wear over your existing protective biker garments. The Viper range for example is produced big to go over your normal biker jackets and pants.

Waterproof over clothing generally includes four items; over trousers, over jacket, over boots and overmitts. All thin waterproof and easy to pull on and off over your existing clothing.

Before purchasing any waterproof bikers clothing, make sure they are 100% waterproof, and not just shower proof, light in weight, have inner linings (which add that little extra thermal layer).

Our Funkymoto website offers you a wide range of biker’s waterproof clothing with different brands like Viper and Oxford mainly. Oxford products are well known but little expensive. While Viper products are also well known but way cheaper then oxford and have good quality and positive customer reviews. Choice is in your hand. Enjoy shopping at Funkymoto!”