When you hear the word “Thatcham” your mind immediately takes you to the one of the oldest quaint towns of Berkshire England. But the town is also famed for the well-known security and insurance backed company established in late 80’s. The Thatcham test house takes products from any willing manufacturer with a whole range of brands and tests them (often to destruction) in order to build a credible rating of the security on offer to your prized possessions. As well as security products the Thatcham centre tests alarms, doors, and various other products to assess their worth to the user. They have many security products approved that vary by categories; these categories vary from alarm lock to tracking devices. The use of a Thatcham approved security product on your motorcycle will usually allow you to claim a significant discount from your insurers. Reason alone to only buy approved products. Combine this with the lower risk of losing your pride and joy motorbike and it’s a no brainer. Funkymoto has also a wide range of Thatcham approved security items, you can check in our security section. Next time you want to buy a Thatcham approved chain or lock, just log into Funkymoto.com/security and select your desired item from our vast range of motorbike security items in just one click and receive fast delivery at your doorstep without hassle.