Motorcycles and Scooters are some of the oldest and the easiest way to commute in the modern era. Being only two wheeled transport and usually made for one or two persons, there is a significant risk to the riders. The rider must wear appropriate clothing and protection to all parts of their bodies. In the modern world many organizations are doing research and working out rules and regulations, not to annoy us but to ensure our safety. The EU has introduced new laws over the past few years making it a requirement for motorbike clothing to be PPE (classed as Personal Protective Equipment) and by default this means it has to be CE certified. For Gloves and Boots the regulation is older and countries like France are taking a firm lead on it. They require all riders domestic or foreign riding on French roads to follow the regulations now. Other countries (UK included) are a little slower on the uptake. So what are the requirements in France? Helmet Stickers: Riders should have reflective stickers on their helmets on all angles, front, back and on each side. (If you want to purchase a helmet for use in France you should ask for the stickers with it) GB Plates: If you are visiting France on your bike you must have a GB sticker to be placed clearly on your vehicle. Insurance: It’s not compulsory to have personal insurance for you and your vehicle but you need to ensure you have third party liability covered. Road Signs: Make sure you understand what the road signs mean, they may be in French and not English o ensure you read up on what the pictures mean and any limits for different types of road. Keep Riding and Keep Buying from