Being a rider, my first priority is to go around to different places whenever the mood takes me. Last weekend I with my group of biker mates decided to go and mess about at a track event. We create 5 teams of two bikers and started to time trial race. As it was a friendly race so we ended up with a winner and decided he would be awarded a free meal. We were heading back to a restaurant and were confronted by group of other bikers on the highway. One biker from the other group pushes our group to race with him. We of course refused because it’s illegal to race other than on a race track. We then watched as the group sped off racing each other, showing off and with a blatent disregard for everyone’s safety. It didn’t end in a crash but could so easily have done so.

Race at a track Yes, race on a road NO. Wear protective clothing at all times and don’t bow to peer pressure.