Choosing a Helmet: Now a days it’s very easy to choose a helmet from the many available in the market. But there are some major points you need to keep in your mind whilst purchasing.

Safety: The first thing you need to think about is that the helmet should be tested and approved to ECE 22.05 regulations and also ideally have a good solid rating from the SHARP test in the UK. Don’t use uncertified helmets as they are potentially dangerous and you would be risking your life.

Weight: Weight is very important while selecting a helmet, it will affect comfort, movement and impact on your neck/muscles. The normal weight of the helmet which is suitable for your head and neck is around 1500gms to 1800gms for a full face helmet. Try before you buy, even when buying online the laws in the UK allow you to return a helmet so make sure you only use a helmet that suits you and your happy with.

Pin lock: Pinlock is a very useful feature in modern helmets. This feature is suitable for cold days where your visor will misting up from your breath. Though advertised with vents we all know that a lot of budget helmets will not have great ventilation. The Pinlock insert if available forms a double glazing system on your visor and keeps it fog free from the inside. There are many helmets which are available with pin lock or pin lock ready visors and often now even budget range helmets are coming with Pinlock lens’ included in the box.

Liners: If you ride regularly then you have to focus on the lining as well. The liners of the helmet should be easily removable and washable. You can find liners that will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer, but the most important point is that it should fit your face and feel comfortable, without unnecessary gaps.

Size: Size is important, perhaps the most important thing. Measure your head around the top above your ears. When you wear a helmet your vision should be clear, it should neither be too tight or too loose.

Design: Design is down to you. Go for a graphic or plain colour, it’s your choice. We probably wouldn’t recommend offensive graphics or text on the helmet, but eat your heart out. We would advise against applying stickers to the shell to avoid damaging it.

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