Branded Products

It is important to understand the reasons why we buy a branded item instead of an off the shelf unbranded run of the mill product.

So the question is , Why does brand matter?

Firstly a brand will always try and add value to its product which isn’t present in a normal item being sold in the same market. For example, let us consider Viper RSV171 BL+ Helmet, they have added Bluetooth connectivity feature to their helmets so they have more value added to the product compared to other products available. Over a period of time, many brands have established themselves very well and they have developed and maintained excellent reputations in the market, to the extent that people know and relate to the brands that suit them. Another reason would be based on the quality and features of the products, a branded product means you are buying into the brand values, the brand quality and the historical feedback from customers (widely available online these days) that the brand has come to represent.

So the next time you buy a motorcycle clothing or a safety helmet for you. Choose the brand that suits you.