Whenever you ride a motorbike you need to take care of all your body parts, ensuring they are all be covered with proper clothing and accessories. For a rider, sturdy boots are also, a major part of rider’s essentials. As your feet are the closest thing between a bike and a road. So we need to pay more attention while purchasing boots for motorbike.

Whenever you purchase boots for a motorbike keep the following major points in your head i.e. boots should be comfortable from the inside as you need to move your ankle for various reason such as gear changing, using brake or standing in an idle position on road. Boots must be heatproof as your feet are the closest body part to the hot parts of the bikes such as the exhaust. Your boots should be waterproof as you have to wear them in rain as well. They need to have good grip and carry suitable protections for ankles, toes, and heel. If your boots have reflectors then it’s a plus point for riding in dark.

There are various types of boots available in market such as motocross boots, sports boots, adventure boots, ankle boots etc. You have different choices to pick as per your requirement. Funkymoto.com also deals in all major categories of the boots so you can select as per your need.