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May 11, 2018
Bike Tool Kit - A Must
Bikes must always be maintained by a qualified mechanic, so while you are riding the experience remains enjoyable and fun. But unexpected situations…
January 16, 2018
Boots for a Rider must be….!
Whenever you ride a motorbike you need to take care of all your body parts, ensuring they are all be covered with proper clothing and accessories.…
May 11, 2018
Branded Products
Firstly a brand will always try and add value to its product which isn’t present in a normal item being sold in the same market. For example, let…
May 11, 2018
CE Approved Clothing
What is CE? We have seen many products which have a CE mark on them but we don’t actually know what does it means. This mark ensures that the…
March 15, 2018
Choosing a Helmet?
Now a days it’s very easy to choose a helmet from the many available in the market. But there are some major points you need to keep in your mind…
May 11, 2018
First Aid Kits For Riders
It is necessary for a rider to keep a first aid kit. Because when you are travelling on long routes, paramedics may take time to reach you in…
September 21, 2016
Made from cotton the FM Balaclava is a basic essential and well worth the money. Only £1.99 including postage this one hole balaclava is ideal for…
November 21, 2017
Gloves are essential for bikers
Gloves are an essential part of bikers clothing packages, as they are necessary for the winter season but also essential for summer season to protect…
September 21, 2016
Winter is here, most bikes are garaged and off the road, but the thieves know this too. Get yourself a Thatcham approved heavy duty Mammoth Chain in…
April 09, 2018
New 2018 Helmet
Viper Helmets have introduced their new 2018 helmets with a unique modern design and a classic touch.
December 14, 2017
I used to pick up bogofs in passing, assuming I was getting a bargain, which just turned out to be a waste of money going rancid in the fridge. Then…
October 19, 2017
Save your Skull on Road
The soft, cozy pre- and post-workout garment that will keep you comfortable during your warm up and cool down. Made from Dri-FIT single-knit, plated…
September 21, 2017
Strike Chain Lock 8x1500
Usually I ride my motorbike to work except if its raining a storm. However last week I had to use my bike on a rainy day because my car was in for…
February 12, 2018
Waterproof Clothing
September 21, 2016
1st December 2016 and our new site is now LIVE. Order in December to have free upgraded shipping. Following on from the unbelievable success of our…
October 30, 2017
Winter is here, motorbike riders should not ride without proper winter warming clothing. Make sure you ride with Thinulate thermal linings to all…
Funkymoto UK
Funkymoto, launched in 2013, aimed at offering everything a motorbike rider needs to get going. Low prices, unbeatable deals, cheap offers, but most of all good value and build quality on budget and premium motorcycle products. Funkymoto offers a variety of products from all the major brands at all price points. Funkymoto products have been rigorously tested by us before being approved to sell to motorcycle riders.